Thousand yard stare - spindrift e.p. - Why Gen X Kids Have a Permanent Thousand-Yard Stare

As for me, I never thought that when I first fell in love with “Unbelievable” in 1991, that I would be basically devoting my life to this band. EMF changed me for the better in every single aspect of my life, and they will never know just how thankful I am for them. After all, I am still just a fan who happened to get very lucky! I’ve been working on the website for literally half of my existence, and I’ve made some amazing friends along the way.

I have a B- blood type. I've never slept in an airport bathroom. I eat ice cream rather than lick it. I've never had head lice. Science museums are fun.

When recounting his arrival in Vietnam in 1965 , then-Corporal Joe Houle (director of the Marine Corps Museum of the Carolinas in 2002) said he saw no emotion in the eyes of his new squad: "The look in their eyes was like the life was sucked out of them," later learning that the term for their condition was the 1,000-yard stare . "After I lost my first friend, I felt it was best to be detached," he explained. [4]

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Thousand Yard Stare - Spindrift E.P.Thousand Yard Stare - Spindrift E.P.Thousand Yard Stare - Spindrift E.P.Thousand Yard Stare - Spindrift E.P.